How Hotels can Increase their Direct Bookings Using Online Marketing?
The internet is alive with the constant traffic of excited travellers trying to find the best deals on their vacation plans. It’s difficult to stand out, especially in internet searches, when huge Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are finding their way to the top of search pages. OTAs can be helpful for filling beds, but with...
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Daniel Vanicke & Associés
Experience is a word that seems almost trite these days, even for those of us who are systematically advising our clients to develop it impactfully in their businesses, be it in sports or luxury. Hotels have been working on the experience factor forever, and it has never been more relevant than today. The Formula 1...
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Article Blog post Catala Consulting
Have you ever heard of revenue management? Well, if you are working in the hospitality or airlines industry most probably yes. However, if this is the first time you hear of it, that’s your lucky day! To summarize what revenue management is about: it is a technique to optimize revenue from a fixed, but perishable...
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