Guest Post
Atomize RMS
Alexandra Fjällman – Atomize RMS – 30/08/2019 An interview with Thibault Catala, Hotel Revenue Management consultant Thibault Catala is a leading consultant and expert in revenue management, so I was delighted to get the opportunity to pick his brain. Specifically, I wanted his view on what revenue management is all about. How the role of...
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Daniel Vanicke & Associés
Experience is a word that seems almost trite these days, even for those of us who are systematically advising our clients to develop it impactfully in their businesses, be it in sports or luxury. Hotels have been working on the experience factor forever, and it has never been more relevant than today. The Formula 1...
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Chatbots Quicktext Catala Consulting
AI seems to be the universal answer to all our problems and for the very first time, innovation might destroy jobs without creating new ones. That may well be the case, but as far as hospitality chatbots are concerned, they are not here to take your job, but rather, to extend your reach. There are...
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messaging quicktext catala consulting
Instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat have more active users than social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Messaging has become your customers’ favourite way to access information. Mostly because it doesn’t require any effort on their side, plus it is both highly personalized and mobile friendly. The only scalable way to...
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Quicktext Chatbots Travel Catala Consulting
Whether you’re enthusiastic or distrustful of chatbots, you can no longer ignore them as they have become the topic of choice for hotel conferences and articles. However, depending on the speaker, it is sometimes hard to differentiate reality from science fiction. After three years spent developing a hospitality bot called Zoe, I’d like to share...
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