The Hospitality Bulletin by Catala Consulting
We are very glad to announce the launch of the weekly email newsletter by Catala Consulting: The Hospitality Bulletin. Every Friday, we send out an exclusive email with the five coolest things we’ve found (or explored) that week in the hospitality industry. The “Hospitality Bulletin” emails are only available if you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. ...
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Article Blog post Catala Consulting
Have you ever heard of revenue management? Well, if you are working in the hospitality or airlines industry most probably yes. However, if this is the first time you hear of it, that’s your lucky day! To summarize what revenue management is about: it is a technique to optimize revenue from a fixed, but perishable...
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Lisbon by night Catala Consulting
Another insightful report for owners and revenue managers for Forecast and Budget 2019 distributed by PwC Hospitality! In a nutshell: 2017 was an exceptional performance for travel in Europe driven by the southern and Mediterranean region. Strong demand of European within Europe. US, China and Russia demand definitely coming back and positively impacting European performance....
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