Importance Of Upselling And Cross-selling In Hotels

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Hotels offer services that focus on soothing and keeping people comfortable. There are numerous opportunities to boost their revenues and keep themselves on top of the competition table, and upselling and cross-selling techniques provide them with several. This article explains the importance of these techniques.

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is a revenue-accruing strategy that involves advertising and selling an improved version of a product or service to users. A room upgrade is a perfect example. The idea is to make them spend more while they obtain added value. 

Upselling is an efficient way for hotels to raise their profits. For instance, a hotel can upsell its property by displaying comparisons of its apartments. This technique shows candidity to its customers by making them see what they get for every upgrade. 

What Is Cross-selling?

Cross-selling is a marketing technique that involves compelling a customer to buy a complementary service or product. It is an efficient strategy for businesses across several niches in many industries. For instance, a hotel can offer guests items or benefits to improve their stays, just like life insurance is often provided to customers who purchase car coverages.

Cross-selling is an effective strategy for building recurrent demands for a service product. Items reportedly purchased can also be displayed to customers to depict them as more complementary and valuable. It alerts customers about services they never knew were provided, boosts their confidence in the company, and makes the hotel their go-to spot. 

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What Is The Difference Between Upselling And Cross-selling?

The upselling strategy and cross-selling technique are not the same. Although both are usually confused with each other, they have separate functions. They can work effectively as paired systems to provide premium value to products, services, and users and increase revenue without spending much on several sales channels. 

Upselling compares and contrasts products to sell higher-class products and services to clients. It shows users that other product versions or service models are better choices for solving their needs. This strategy increases the average order value and makes clients feel more advantaged in purchasing the suggested offers.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, selects products and services that meet different needs that the original cannot satisfy. 

The difference between both marketing strategies is the consumer’s motive. A buyer who purchases an extra cross-sold product did not initially have the motive to buy that product. The consumer was compelled to buy that item as a complementary need. However, upselling capitalizes on the buyer’s intention for an impressive service or product. In cross-selling, there is often no motive before the sales appeal, but in upselling, there is often a motive. 

When Is The Best Time To Upsell?

Upselling is done when there is a desire for extra features. It becomes a priority when an upgrade feels right to customers. The best time to upsell is when a customer attains a level of patronage that is logically appropriate to introduce an improvement. For hotels, a perfect instance is during the booking stage. While the guests are booking their reservations, the hotel can upsell their upgraded rooms and other add-ons, indicating that their upgrades are affordable.

Hotels can also upsell after visitors have made their bookings. However, this should immediately follow their booking. Check-in periods are also appropriate for hotel upsells. The guests can be shown special offers to improve their stays and only cost a little more money.

When Is The Best Time To Cross-sell?

Cross-selling is best introduced when customers purchase services that likely require complements. An appropriate time for hotels to cross-sell is after booking before they arrive. After customers have booked, the hotel marketer can cross-sell add-ons through emails. For instance, a visitor can be informed about a hotel’s extra services. When they indicate their interests in any service, the marketer can inform them about related available options. 

Another perfect time to cross-sell is during check-ins. Complementary products and services can be cross-sold to customers.

One can say, cross-sale is best done when sales make sense. For hotels, it is preferably after booking. All you need to do is suggest product or service complements at the right time.

Upselling Techniques For Hotels

Incremental Pricing

Some hotels use incremental pricing techniques to make their service offers more attractive. It appeals more to customers when you tell them that a room costs only $59 more, rather than $503 per night.

Sense of Scarcity: Creating a sense of scarcity for premium services provides enough opportunities for upselling in hotels. This technique creates a desire in customers to obtain upgraded offers and, in turn, aids the company in creating more conversions.

Best Feature Pitching

Best feature pitching helps hotels upsell their products and services by showing off the attractive features of the upgrades. Photography is an effective marketing tool for hotels. It is used to reveal differences between offers attractively.

Value Consistency

Value consistency is critical when selling. A seller’s job is not confined to the market space of selling when there is demand. What does a value provider do when customers do not need their products or services? Hotel product and service providers need to consistently offer value to their clients so that upselling and conversion will not be difficult. Newsletters can be useful for providing service updates, upcoming events, and ongoing discounts. 

Upsell Discounting

Discounts convert heavily. In many cases, prospects do not like to pay for overly expensive services, irrespective of their benefits. It is more strategic when your hotel provides timely discounts on upgraded items or services. Customers tend to get attracted to discounted offers. 

Upselling The Upsell

Upselling the upsell is a multi-tiered offer for a chain of products or benefits. For instance, an upselling hotel may be renting a lodge for $50 per night and an upgraded one for $150. The upgraded one offers double comfort and benefits compared to the initial space. Prospects are likely to opt for the better version because of its doubled benefits. But some others will not go for it because of its extreme price difference. If the price of the improved room were placed at $100, it would have been better.

However, upselling the upsell implies that the hotel provides three rooms with different comfort levels. The first-level room can be at $50, the next-level room at $100, and the best at $150. Such a hotel has a higher probability of selling the ones of $100 and $150.

How To Upsell

There are several means for hotels to upsell to their guests. Listed below are practical ways you can upsell as a hotel marketing staff.

  • You can segment your clients to know who to target. It can be disastrous to upsell to the wrong clients.
  • While upselling, your focus should be to enhance their experiences with your services rather than making more revenue.
  • Do not always be forceful while upselling. It is better to offer every opportunity as an alternative rather than a mandate. 
  • Price is a significant factor in marketing. Offers that are too pricey tend to scare customers away. Hence it is more profitable to apply balancing while fixing prices on upgraded versions. Let the improvements feel like special offers rather than increased expenditures.
  • When upselling, provide several offers choices with different price tags so that your prospects or customers can satisfactorily pick their favorites. 
  • Ensure that it is not only the hotel’s marketing staff members that should know how to upsell. Make sure that every member of the hotel workforce that deals with customers can easily upsell whenever the opportunities arise. Also, they should know how to communicate with guests to maintain them as recurrent customers. 
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Types of Visitors For Hotel Upselling Strategies 

There are four types of visitors to whom you can upsell your items and offers. It is crucial to study your visitors to know their needs and the offers you can upsell to them. These four categories are explained below.


Couples will like to enhance their lodging experiences by opting for more sizeable and luxurious suites. They will also love to have scenic views and enjoy other hotel offers.

Families That Include Children

Parents and children will prefer to stay in enormous suits that can accommodate their population. They will also like to book extra rooms for privacy and comfort. The children will enjoy side attractions to make their status memorable.

Business Visitors

People who travel for business purposes are good prospects for hotels to upsell. Most times, these individuals do not consider prices. They are more concerned about their comfortable stays.

Solo Tourists

Solo tourists, like business travelers, are ideal customers for hotel upsales. They are prepared to spend. Hence, the best thing that hotels can do for them is to offer them excellent services in exchange for their money.

Cross-selling Techniques For Hotels


Timing is an essential technique in cross-selling. Sometimes, hotel owners may want to advertise auxiliary services and products to their customers while booking. However, it is not a good idea because when a customer is presented with different offers at once, such a customer might find it too salesy or confusing and stop booking. According to research, only about 4% of tourists go for add-on products and services while making their reservations.

It is better to buzz them with complementary offers after they have been confirmed.


Sharing testimonials to prospects is effective for promoting alternative offers. For this technique to be effective, it is necessary that your offer recommendations have been efficient and greatly satisfied your clients. You can ask them to give feedback and reviews for other users.

Advantages Of Upselling

There are several advantages of upselling for hotels, as the technique is necessary for everyday marketing. Listed below are the top edges of upselling for hotels.

  • It helps hotel owners to understand their clients and know how best to satisfy them distinctly.
  • It helps hotels to retain their customers for a long time.
  • Upselling increases the satisfaction that customers receive and makes them referees for your company.
  • Upselling drives more sales and creates more profits.

Advantages of Cross-selling

Cross-selling provides several benefits to hotels that use the strategy. The principal cross-selling advantages are highlighted below.

  • Cross-selling helps clients to feel special and understood. Hence, they get to form deeper connections with the company.
  • Customers who have deep connections with the brand will probably remain loyal and permanent clients. They will likely refer their families, colleagues, and friends, and I’m some cases, become ambassadors.
  • Cross-selling helps hotels to maximize their profits. It allows them to sell products and services in chains and make multiple profits from each customer.
  • Cross-selling helps consumers to make informed and beneficial decisions about their expenditures. 
  • This technique gives hotels advantages over their competitors.

Hotel Services And Products To Upsell

Apart from rooms, there are other offers to upsell. Some of them are explained below.

Edibles And Beverages

Hotels can promote their food offers through discounted breakfasts and website outlets for ordering food. Some guests may not be able to eat their meals in the hotel because of their schedules in other locations. Hence, hotel attendants can suggest that they opt for meal boxes. Hotels that do not directly provide food and drink services can liaise with neighboring companies to satisfy their guests.

Fitness Spots

Fitness spots are good services to upsell. Families, couples, or solo tourists may want to have some relaxation, and fitness areas can help the hotel to drive its revenues upwards. Spas and saunas can be up-sold with varying attractive benefits.

Transport Aids

Hotels can upsell aids for parking and transportation to their clients. For customers who cannot come with their vehicles, hotels can provide transportation services from the airport, however, at different quality levels.

Special Packages

Special packages are good upselling services for hotels. For instance, a hotel can offer unique and romantic rooms, services, and tours for couples who will be on honeymoon or celebrating their anniversaries. 


Why Are Upselling And Cross-selling Important?

Upselling and cross-selling are important because they help boost sales, increase revenue, and maintain loyal customers. They are the life-bloods of brand marketing.

Why Is Upselling Important In Hotels?

Upselling helps hotels accrue huge revenue from renting their properties and boost their average daily rates. When hotels upsell, they benefit alongside their front desk staff and customers.


Upselling and cross-selling are effective marketing strategies for hotels. They are beneficial in facilitating sales, attracting new clients, and converting new customers into loyal ones. Though they are very productive, they can pose marketing hazards if not done correctly. 

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