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Free Hotel Website Optimization Checklist

Unveil the Secrets to Maximizing Direct Bookings with Catala Consulting’s Exclusive Website Optimization Checklist.

In this essential resource, we dive deep into the critical elements of successful hotel website design, revealing strategies to boost direct bookings and enhance your online presence. Designed specifically for hotels embarking on the journey of revenue optimization, this checklist is your roadmap to a more profitable and guest-centric website experience.

Access the Checklist Here

What's included?

  • Hotel Website Optimization Checklist
    • Customer Engagement & Reviews
    • Security & Compliance
    • Promotions & Offers
    • Local SEO & Information
    • Website Design & User Experience
    • Content & SEO
    • Analytics & Performance Tracking
    • Booking Process
  • Strategies to Drive Direct Bookings
    • Catala Consulting 6S Model
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We’re sharing our checklist on Hotel Website Optimization. It’s a completely free guide which is packed with top strategies that we use to drive more direct bookings for our clients. Claim your copy today.