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How To Market Your Hotel Website

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Everyone believes that getting a hotel website is the first step to putting your hotel business out on the internet. That is true, but you don’t need just any website. You need an optimised website that works ideally and is visible to your prospects.

But why do you need to take your hotel marketing seriously? Because your competitors are, and as long they have the right marketing strategy, they will continue to be ahead.

When considering how to market your website, there are many marketing strategies for hotels, and you will need to focus on the ones that are easy to implement and provide you with a massive level of return because the better the hotel marketing strategy for your hotel, the higher the Return on Investment (ROI). 

Whether you are marketing for your business website or its hotel marketing you came here for, this article will show you how to market your website.

Here are the top 10 marketing strategies for hotels! 

Relevant Content

Content marketing is an effective marketing strategy for hotels. When creating and publishing content for your website, figure out the type of content your audience enjoys and ensure that your content is optimised. 

Be consistent with your content marketing; post at least three to ten times per week. Fill various hotel website pages with helpful information and blog posts on traveller’s guides, trip considerations, etc. 

Another way to improve your hotel marketing is by sharing content related to your immediate neighbourhood. 

Hotel SEO Strategy

Hotel SEO Strategy is increasing the visibility of your hotel’s website in search engine’s organic results. If you genuinely want to have people find your website, you need to get your hotel’s name in the search result.

Define a keyword list and the search term you want your hotel website to rank for. Then use Google’s keyword planner to check the competition and search volume.

Another way to improve your hotel’s SEO ranking is to register your hotel on Google Hotel Finder and keep your hotels verified and updated.

You can improve your website’s SEO through a website or management audit. It will help identify issues and give you a clue about the competitive analysis

Hotel website

Email Promotion

Email promotion or marketing is one great tool that is used on most websites for hotels. You can use it to market your hotel website. For example, you can increase bookings, boost brand awareness, increase website visitors, keep visitors engaged, and generate more traffic.

Another advantage is that it grants you direct access to your customers, as you get to communicate with them. However, ensure you only send emails to people who have visited your hotel’s website or your physical location.

The first step is to segment your email list according to demographic information gathered from your website visitors to execute an effective email promotion. 

Next, create a series of email copies designed to compel customers to take action (your marketing goal). Finally, use your preferred email marketing tool to send emails and track the campaign. When creating email copies, ensure it is easy to read, use psychology, and also leverage storytelling to drive home your point.

Be Searchable

The rapid growth of technology has dramatically positively affected the hotel industry. For instance, people no longer have to contact travel agents to book hotels. Today most hoteliers have been empowered with the ability to get their bookings and reservations done without even leaving their beds. 

So, it’s a big problem if they can’t find your hotel online. It is also the reason you record low bookings. In today’s online world, you need to be everywhere so people can easily find you whenever they are within your location.

Study shows that most travellers begin their journey on the search engine to find a place to stay. Also, there are many websites for hotels worldwide, and this is why you need to stay on top of your SEO game. 

To do this, use relevant and popular hotel keywords on various pages of your websites. Also, use hashtags relevant to your post, your hotel, and the hospitality industry.

But you do not need to rely only on the organic method alone. The search engine result page for hotel-related search queries is mainly monetized. Your competitors spend a considerable amount of money to be searchable. You too can bid on Google’s search and display channels, social networks like Instagram and Facebook, Bing, and websites such as Kayak and Trip Advisor.

In addition, people are likely to engage more with your website when you share video content. Most travellers connect easily with videos. 


A survey conducted on some hoteliers shows that seven out of ten people who start a booking process do not complete the process. Whatever the reason may be, it does not mean you should allow that guest to go just like that

Remarketing is one proven marketing strategy for hotels that have worked if appropriately implemented, no matter the industry. With it, you can showcase your ads to any guest who recently visited your website and other social media networks. 

Remarketing is important because potential guests are exposed to hundreds of other hotel options. Therefore, the moment you discover that a visitor didn’t complete the desired action, 

You can retarget or remarket to your prospects through Google Ads or other social media channels. Show them a more enticing incentive to convince them to book with you. Also, pay attention to your website analytics and check the platforms where people are always booking from.

Targeting The Right Audience

When you set out to run adverts for your hotels, you must understand that no two customers share the same preference. There are various people with distinct preferences, income levels, and expectations. Therefore, ask yourself who your ideal guest is and what type of hotel you are marketing.

The marketing campaign for a customer who loves 5-star hotels will be different for someone who wants something basic. These people have different budgets; therefore, they book differently and travel differently. 

Spend time defining your audience. You can also decide to split them into two or more separate groups to create a more tailored copy. Here are some categories of travellers you can have:

  • Researchers
  • Luxury Travellers
  • Habitual Travellers
  • Independent travellers
  • Social travellers

Google hotel ads are one popular tool that most hotel owners use. It empowers you to have control over what appears below.

Responsive Design

While this might seem negligible, some hotel websites are underperforming due to their website design. Imagine losing potential guests because your website isn’t responsive enough for your guest to use. This is a quick turnoff for most hoteliers.

A hotel’s website design creates the first impression of searching for an excellent hotel to book. If your website isn’t simple, interactive, and attractive, people would doubt if your physical location would be. Also, if it is too complicated or unappealing for your website visitors, you might lose your customers. That is why It is crucial to have a responsive, informative website with an attractive design. 

If this is your first time creating a website for your business, focus on keeping the website design responsive and ensure your hotel’s website is designed not to violate Google’s SEO requirement. 

The challenge of booking a hotel is sometimes overwhelming, and you can simplify the process for your guest. One way to increase bookings on your hotel website is to make instant booking available. You can link your booking engine to your social media pages so that your guest can easily make their bookings without having to visit your website

Market Hotel Website


Some hotels have more website visitors because they have good photography. Images you upload can have a positive impact on your hotel marketing. They can help increase the hotel website design of any business owner, as well as their site’s performance on google

Ensure the photographs on your websites are professional, of high resolution, displayed in the proper way that’ll work on both desktop and mobile. Add relevant links to every image you upload on your site

Take advantage of the natural sights and beautiful landmarks surrounding your hotel’s location.

Speed Loading

Your page speed can either drive visitors away or keep them on the site regarding your site’s performance. Studies show that sites with good loading speed receive more leads and an increased conversion rate.

Your customers want to make their bookings within seconds. Ideally, your website load time should be between two or three seconds. Your page speed has a way of affecting your customers’ user experience.

Quick ways to increase the loading speed of your website

  • Compress your images
  • Enable website caching
  • Leverage a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Get rid of irrelevant plugins
  • Reduce the number of redirects
  • Ensure that videos uploaded on your site do excellently work in showcasing the beauty of your hotel’s physical location

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is terrific to ensure customers keep coming back to your site. Marketing strategy for hotels walks hand-in-hand with consistent branding. Consistent branding also entails going above and beyond for your loyal customers.

How to increase hotel website through consistent branding

  • Get well-trained staff with a customer-first mindset.
  • As much as you can, try to compensate them for trouble or inconveniences they may face.
  • create programs that offer mouthwatering discounts.


Hotel marketing is rapidly predominant in the industry, and the primary goal of owning a website for your hotel is to increase traffic and bookings on their site. With the strategies mentioned above, you are guaranteed of getting your hotel website visible to your ideal clients. 

Are you going to implement the tips we have listed in this article? Share your thoughts with us!

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