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The leading European agency in maximizing hotels revenue.

We specialize in helping hotels increase their rooms revenue performance in less than three months without spending hours crunching numbers and adjusting prices.
I know that’s a bold claim, but we’ve helped more 150 hotels in just under 3–6 months increase their rooms revenue performance by +10/15%.

As a Mews Partner, unlock the special offer below: 

The best part of our offer at Catala Consulting is the performance-based pricing model. Plus, with access to our team of industry experts and cutting-edge technology, you’re set up for success from the start.

We also offer customized revenue strategies specifically tailored for your hotel, weekly performance reviews for continual improvement, and a special bonus: a complimentary revenue management audit when you sign up for a year.

  • Performance based pricing model
  • Complimentary RM audit when signing up for a year
Expertise in:
  • Outsourced revenue management
  • Audit
  • Software deployment
  • Consulting.
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