Outsourced Hotel Revenue Management

Save time. Make money. We help you do both.

We help you optimize your room revenue, saving your staff time to focus on operating the hotel and provide guests with an incredible experience. We empower hospitality pros to do just that by making data simple, clear and actionable.

  • 95% of all hotel that joined Catala Consulting in 2019 saw a positive RGI impact.
  • Hotels typically start to see value within their first 4 months.
  • Our experts are knowledgeable and can provide insights to help maximize revenue and pay for themselves.
Revenue Management Consulting outsourced

Knowledge and Expertise in the field

Catala Consulting employs the best across Europe. Our expert revenue managers oversee the systems on your behalf and focus on your hotel performance. 

What can you do for me?

Catala Consulting offers bespoke and personalized revenue management support. We offer a variety of service levels to best meet your hotel’s needs and expectations.


  • Evaluate Retail Pricing and Restrictions
  • Price Resistance and Availability Analysis
  • Competitive Rate Reporting and Analysis
  • Negotiated (Wholesale / Corporate) Pricing Guidance


  • Inventory Management
  • Review of Inventory and Yield Tactics
  • RFP Guidance and Strategy
  • Review of Future Pace and Pick Up


  • Revenue Strategy Call
  • Analyze Mix of Business
  • Analyze Market Segmentation
  • Implement and Review Packages and Promotions


  • Online Channels optimization
  • Comprehensive systems audits & maintenance
  • Optimization of Channel Mix
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