Revenue Management Services

Bespoke Revenue Support

Catala Consulting has clients across the spectrum. We provide flexible revenue management services tailored to your business. We’re happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as you need us to be. 

Some clients work with us to audit their current RM operations and create a revenue management strategy they can implement in house. Others require a full service, where we conduct all aspects of their revenue management service remotely

If you are running your revenue management in house, we can also provide training for your whole team on best practices. We strive to be your business partner, and are happy to provide whatever level of service you need, in the most transparent and straightforward as possible.

Whether you run a hotel, a hostel or manage several apartments Catala Consulting can help you maximise your revenue, save time and reduce costs. 

Our Revenue Management Services

We provide a wide range of highly effective revenue management services. This allows us to build bespoke packages tailored to your hotel’s specific needs, budget and objectives. Our mission is to maximise your ROI by providing the most effective, affordable revenue management services possible. 

Outsourced Revenue Management

Bespoke day-to-day revenue management support. Our team of experts handle the revenue management operations for you.

Hotel Revenue Management Audits

Detailed review of your revenue management operations to discover patterns, risks and opportunities

Workshops & Trainings

Public speaking, online courses, workshops and training. We cover all aspects of revenue management to help your team develop their knowledge and skills. 

Your Revenue Goals

Increase pricing performance

Improve distribution channels

Apply new revenue strategies

Adapt to new market demands

Optimize financial forecasts

Unlock full revenue potential

Our Expertise

Competitive positioning85%
Technology Optimization90%
Channel Performance90%
Budget & Forecast95%
Group Business85%
Demand Analysis90%
Mix of Business95%
The 3 S of Catala Consulting hotel revenue management consulting

Revenue Management Services for Your Whole Team

We are passionate about making revenue management accessible for everyone. We pride ourselves on turning data into straightforward, actionable insights. These insights provide clear tactics for your whole team, embedding revenue management culture right across your hotel. 

Revenue Management

We help you to sell the right room to the right client at the right moment for the right price on the right distribution channel with the best commission efficiency.

Outsourced Revenue Management

Revenue Management Consulting

Revenue Management Audits

Revenue Management Training

General Hospitality

Unlock the full potential of your business with the help of data analytics. Discover new market trends, customer behaviour, risks and opportunities in your data. 

Market Research

Excel dashboard

Market Intelligence Tools


Forecasting &

Anticipate your activities more accurately. Detailed forecasts are the major input to most revenue management systems, essential to take more precise decisions and increase your overall efficiency.



ADR Forecast

Forecast model creation

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